A Brief History of NSL

Nigerian Stockbrokers Limited (‘NSL’) was incorporated as the first stockbroking firm in Nigeria on 26th September 1960. Prior to the implementation of the Nigerian Enterprise Promotion Act 1972 (‘Indigenisation exercise’) NSL was wholly owned and managed by Financial Holdings Nigeria Limited (‘FHNL’). Following the Indigenisation exercise, the interest of FHNL was transferred to some Nigerian citizens and association. NSL is, therefore, a wholly owned Nigeria company.

Authorised and Fully Paid–up Capital

The Authorised Share Capital of the Company is N750.00 million divided into 1,500,000,000 Ordinary shares of 50K each out of which N313million are issued and fully paid-up. Institutional investors show a strong presence among the shareholders and this has been one of the major factors for the continued strength and stability of the Company. The breakdown of the shareholding structure is as follows:

S/N Instituition Holdings
1 Sterling Bank Plc 20.00
2 Other Nigerian citizens and associations 80.00
Total 100.00

Our Activities


Our primary responsibility is to deal in stock and shares. In this regard, it deals in all securities quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange which include Equity, Industrial Preference shares and Debenture Stocks, State and Federal Government Loan Stocks or Bonds. Our activities in these areas include buying and selling of any of the above securities on behalf of individuals and institutional investors.

Trading in Securities

This involves the selection of aggressive shares with high potentials for capital gains and advising clients on when to buy and sell such shares in order to realise the accretion on the securities, by way of capital gains and maximise returns on the investments.

Portfolio Management

As the pioneer and leading member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, we use our wide exposure and experience in packaging and managing investment portfolios for clients. Our activities cover selection, valuation and monitoring of the performance of the securities in the portfolio.

Investment Advisory Services

Our Investment Advisory Services cover, essentially, professional advice on investment opportunities, timely purchase or sale of investments and the review of the existing investments for corporate and individual investors.

Nominee Services

We operate Nominee facilities for the following categories of Nigerians who, either due to their residence outside the country or nature of work, cannot be personally involved in the purchase, sale or monitoring of their investments. The categories of the clients include:

1. Nigerians serving in foreign missions and those resident abroad
2. High net-worth individuals
3. Institutional investors

We make investment on nominee basis on behalf of these categories of clients and forwards statements of such investments periodically to the clients. Such statements include income statements; trading accounts, list of investments and valuation of the investments in the portfolio.

NSL handles nominal transfer of shares between the following categories of shareholders:
• Pension Institutions and its Trustees
• Asset sharing between newly created States
• Individuals and corporate organizations
• Foreign technical partners of multi-national corporations
• Foreign and domestic companies

Our Vision

To be a dynamic Stockbroking firm. Providing the best investment advice and qualitative services in the most effective and efficient manner using up to date market information, technology and Committed staff to select clientele.

Our Mission


Our focus is on the Nigerian Capital Markets – we have proven ability and reputation to identify investment opportunities, create financial solutions, provide value-adding investment advice and manage wealth for our clients.