FLOUR MILLS OF NIGERIA PLC – Proposed Capital Issue
Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc has notified the market of its plan to raise additional fund through Rights Issue and Medium Term Notes.
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GOLDLINK INSURANCE PLC – Financial Result for the Year Ended 31st December, 2015
Gross Income: 23% decrease from N3.11bn to N2.41bn
Profit/(Loss) after Tax: 34% increase from (N529.21m) to (N350.21m) {(Yr End 2015 EPS, (11kobo); Yr End 2014 EPS, (12 kobo)}
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UNITED CAPITAL PLC – Financial Result for Nine Months Ended 30th September, 2017
Gross Earnings: 10% increase from N5.69bn to N6.24bn
Profit after Tax: 30% decrease from N4.70bn to 3.27bn (9Mths 2017 EPS, 55kobo ;9Mths 2016 EPS, 78 kobo)
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DANGOTE CEMENT PLC – Withdrawal of Interest on Proposed Acquisition
Dangote Cement Plc has notified the public that it no longer has an interest in acquiring the entire share capital of PPC Limited of South Africa
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THOMAS WYATT NIGERIA PLC – Financial Result for the Years Ended 31st March, 2017
Revenue: 55% increase from N41.70m to N64.45m
Profit/(Loss) after Tax: 37% increase from (66.47m) to (41.97m) {(Yr End 2017 EPS, (19 kobo);Yr End 2016 EPS, (30 kobo)}
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