MEYER PLC – Resignation of Finance Director
Meyer Plc. has announced the resignation of its Finance Director, Mr. Olukayode Tijani, with effect from 28th February, 2017, and the appointment of Mr. Abiodun Yusuf as its Chief Financial Officer.
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Postponement of EGM
Capital Hotels Plc. has announced the indefinite postponement of its Extra-Ordinary General Meeting earlier scheduled to hold on Wednesday, 31st May, 2017 due to unforeseen circumstances beyond its control.
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Board Changes
The Company also announced the retirement of the Chairman of its Board, Mr. G.M. Ibru, with effect from 17th February, 2017. He will however remain on the Board as a Non-Executive Director until 16th May, 2017 when he will finally retire.
The Company also announced the election of Chief Victor C.N. Oyolu as the new Chairman of the Board. Until his election, Victor was the Chairman of the Business, Finance and Governance Committee of the Board.
Mr. Robert Itawa was also elected as the new Executive Director of the Company. Robert was the General Manager of the Hotel responsible for managing the interface among the Hotel Managers, the regulatory agencies and the Board of Directors.
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