NEIMETH INT’L PHARMACEUTICALS PLC – Audited Financial Result for the Year Ended 30th September, 2016
Turnover: 37% increase from N1.5bn to N2bn
Profit after Tax: N65.1m (2015: N335.7m loss) (FY 2016 EPS, 4 kobo; FY 2015 EPS, -21 kobo)
Proposed Dividend:     Nil
Proposed Bonus:         1 for 10
Closure Date:              31st January – 3rd February, 2017
AGM Date:                  7th February, 2017
Payment Date:            N/A
AGM Venue:                Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos
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STANBIC IBTC HOLDINGS PLC announced today that it had reached an acceptable settlement with the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), pursuant to which the FRC has authorized its external auditors to sign its 2015 Audited Accounts.

Consequently, the Company has released its 2015 Audited Accounts, as well as its 3 Months-, 6 Months- and 9 Months-2016 unaudited accounts, which are summarised below.
STANBIC IBTC HOLDINGS PLC – Audited Financial Result for the Year Ended 31st December, 2015
Gross Earnings: 7% increase from N130.7bn to N140bn
Profit after Tax: 45% decrease from N34.5bn to N18.9bn (FY 2015 EPS, 155 kobo; FY 2014 EPS, 317 kobo)

Proposed Dividend:     5 kobo per share (final)
Proposed Bonus:         Nil
Closure Date:              3rd January, 2017
AGM Date:                  To be Advised
Payment Date:            3 working days after the AGM
AGM Venue:                To be Advised
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STANBIC IBTC HOLDINGS PLC – Unaudited Financial Result for the 3 Months Ended 31st March, 2016
Gross Earnings: 3% increase from N33.8bn to N34.8bn
Profit after Tax: 85% increase from N4.2bn to N7.8bn (3M 2016 EPS, 68 kobo; 3M 2015 EPS, 35 kobo)
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STANBIC IBTC HOLDINGS PLC – Unaudited Financial Result for the 6 Months Ended 30th June, 2016
Gross Earnings: 1% increase from N68.3bn to N69bn
Profit after Tax: 6% increase from N9.7bn to N10.3bn (6M 2016 EPS, 84 kobo; 6M 2015 EPS, 80 kobo)
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STANBIC IBTC HOLDINGS PLC – Unaudited Financial Result for the 9 Months Ended 30th September, 2016
Gross Earnings: 10% increase from N104.4bn to N114.6bn
Profit after Tax: 49% increase from N13.6bn to N20.2bn (9M 2016 EPS, 173 kobo; 9M 2015 EPS, 110 kobo)
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ASHAKA CEMENT PLC has notified its shareholders of the Proposed Voluntary Delisting of its shares from The Nigerian Stock Exchange. This is in accordance with the approval obtained at the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Company held on 19th December, 2016.

In this respect, shareholders of the Company may either trade their shares on the floor of the Exchange or receive consideration from Lafarge Africa Plc. in exchange for their shares. The consideration terms are as stated below:

  • Every 202 Ashaka Cement shares will be exchanged for 57 Lafarge Africa shares (WAPCO)
  • N2 cash consideration for each Ashaka Cement Share surrendered.

Shareholders may elect to accept the Exit Consideration between 19th December, 2016 and 17th March, 2017.
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