Nominee Services

NSL operates Nominee facilities for the following categories of Nigerians who either due to their residence outside the country or nature of work, cannot be personally involved in the purchase, sale or monitoring of their investment. The categories of the clients include:

  • Those serving in foreign missions abroad
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Institutional investors

NSL makes investments on nominee basis on behalf of these categories of clients through the allocation of account codes to each client. Periodically, statements of such investments are sent to the clients for their information and records. Explore


NSL’s primary responsibility is to deal in stock and shares. In this regard, it deals in all securities quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange which include Equity, Industrial Preference shares and Debenture Stock, State and Federal Government Loan Stocks or Bonds. NSL’s activities in these areas include buying and selling of any of above securities on behalf of individuals and institutional investors.

Portfolio Management

As the pioneer and leading member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSL uses its wide exposure and experience in packaging and managing investment portfolios for clients. Our activities cover selection of a mix of securities, valuation and monitoring of the performance of securities in portfolio. The portfolios are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.