NSL Enterprises and Real Estate Limited (NEREL) was established in 2009 with the objective of providing equipment services via leasing, vanilla financing, suppliers credit as well as the development and marketing of residential and commercial real estate of the highest quality in Nigeria.  NEREL engages in Equipment financing and leasing, housing estate development, land infrastructure development and real estate solutions.

The company’s offerings entail a wide scope of options by utilising its Investment banking background as a former fully owned subsidiary of the oldest Stock broking and Investment banking group in Nigeria (former NAL Merchant bank) to assist clients to “build capital” by leveraging on the equipment leasing concept to provide value.   In the area of real estate services, NEREL has proven specialty in developments and sale of various property ranges.

Major deals in the Equipment leasing and real estate development sectors are frequently delivered through joint ventures and private equity investment. Over the years, we have arranged several hybrid arrangements with leading companies in the provision of equipment leasing and real estate development such as; Kingpost Limited (First Wood Kiln in Nigeria) etc and Imperial Homes & Mortgage Bank Limited (formerly GT Homes) and Sterling Asset Management & Trustees Limited with respect to real estate projects within and outside Lagos.

NEREL offers a unique value proposition covering all the core skills and requirements fundamental to raising capital for our clients equipment and asset acquisition needs.  These include:

  • Deep established relationships with key players in the equipment leasing and real estate sectors including vehicle vendors, real estate consultants, contractors and state authorities.
  • Experienced personnel with over 15 years experience in Leasing and real estate
  • World class management team and partners with a balanced mix of local and international experience, especially in financing and private equity.
  • Readily available access to funding and capacity to take on large scale projects.

Our Track Record – Leasing

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