Nominee Services

NSL operates Nominee facilities for the following categories of Nigerians who either due to their residence outside the country or nature of work, cannot be personally involved in the purchase, sale or monitoring of their investment. The categories of the clients include:

    • Those serving in foreign missions abroad
    • High net-worth individuals
    • Institutional investors

NSL makes investments on nominee basis on behalf of these categories of clients through the allocation of a distinct account code to each client. Periodically, statements of such investments are sent to the clients for their information and records.

Our Nominee Service removes the hassle from investing. Whether you are an Advisory or an Executive Only client, the Nominee system eliminates the need for laborious paperwork and saves your postman the trouble of delivering vast bundles of companies correspondences such as Annual Reports, Dividend Warrants, Notices of Meetings, Share Certificates and Rights Circulars etc.

We would like to highlight the various benefits of our Nominee Service. These include the following:

• It allows your investments to be managed by professional portfolio managers.
• It eliminates unauthorized access to your investments.
• It enhances optimal utilization of resources and maximization of returns on your investments.
• As a Nominee holder, it avails you the perpetual management of your investments.
• The Nominee service attracts periodic Valuation Report and updated Investment Advice.
• It eliminates the burden of monitoring investments by you personally as we would track benefits accruing to your portfolio. These benefits include Bonuses, Share Certificates, and Dividends e.t.c.