Top Gainers for 2023-06-16
Symbols Previous Price Current Price %Change
WAPIC 0.6 0.66 10.00
FTNCOCOA 1.23 1.35 9.76
TRANSCOHOT 13.31 14.6 9.69
UNITYBNK 0.93 1.02 9.68
RTBRISCOE 0.31 0.34 9.68

Top Losers for 2023-06-16
Symbol Last Close Current Price %Change
NEM 6.99 6.3 -9.87
ABBEYBDS 1.68 1.52 -9.52
CWG 1.79 1.62 -9.50
JOHNHOLT 1.27 1.15 -9.45
TIP 0.43 0.39 -9.30


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With NSL there are no questions what is best time to buy stocks, when to buy and sell stocks or which share to buy now; the answer is just let NSL do it for you.Our company is only a small part in the global world of online stock trade where you can investing in shares.…more

  Portfolio Management

Nigerian Stockbrokers Limited (NSL) Portfolio Management arm is primarily responsible for managing collection of large volume warehoused stocks and equity on behalf of organizations and high net worth individual clients.…more

  Issuing House

Over the years, we have continually strived to develop methods of providing efficient Financial Advisory Services to our Clientele with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of their operations and repositioning their businesses to deliver better returns to stakeholders.…more

  Nominee Services

NSL operates Nominee facilities for the following categories of Nigerians who either due to their residence outside the country or nature of work, cannot be personally involved in the purchase, sale or monitoring of their investment.…more